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If you are looking to save some money on high quality equipment
check out our demo/lesson equipment: 
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Limites Weekend Hours
717 Lake Park Ave.
Carleton Place
September 17th 11:00am-1:00pm
September  18th 3:00pm-5:00pm
September 24th 2:00pm-4:00pm

Want to see something sooner?
Schedule an appt.

Prices starting at:
Paddles  $95
Lifejackets $10 
Inflatable Lifejackets $74

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              Hard Boards

Avantee 10'6 x32  New was:  $999 Now $550

Surftech Generator 11'6x32  New was: $1599 Now: $800   

NSP HITT 11'6 x33 New Was $1420 NOW $1150

NSP HITT 11'2x 32. New Was $1360 NOW: $1100

NSP HITT 10'2 x32   New Was: $1290 NOW $1000

NSP Carolina Pro Carbon 14x25  NEW: $3700 USED: $3000

NSP Carolina Pro Carbon 14x22  NEW: $3700 USED: $3300

Custom Carbon 12'6x29 New Was: $2199 Used: $300
 Paddling with one of our programs? If  fall in love with a board, let us know, it may be available to purchase as a Demo Board (slightly used) before the end of the season. 

Inflatable Boards come with a pump & bag:

SUP Yoga Board 10'6x35         NEW was: $999 Now $550
Fanatic Touring 12'6 x32       New was: $1649 Now $1049
Fanatic Touring 11'6 x32       New was: $1495 Now: $750
Fanatic Diamond 9'8x30  New Was: $1900 Now: $800
(was Harmony's Personal board in Maui)

NSP  Raceboard 14x25  New Was:  $1759   Now: $1400
NSP Raceboard 14x27 New Was:  $1759   Now: $1400
NSP O2 All arounder 10'6x32  New Was: $899 NOW: $625
NSP O2 All arounder 11'6x 33 New was $999 Now: $699
NSP Lotus Yoga Board 10'6 x33 New Was $1359. NOW $1000

Yolo Touring 14x28 New was: $1799 Used: $1400
Yolo Honu 10'6 x32 New Was: $1395 Used: $750
Yolo Paw 10'6 x32 New was: $1395 Used $750

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