Experience the feeling of Flying

SUP Surfing Foil 



Learning to foil SUP in either the waves or in downwind conditions takes serious commitment and has its own new set of techniques and safety considerations. 


Our Foil master has created a system that is sure to get you up and flying in no time. 

Starting behind a boat or personal watercraft using tested and high-quality gear along with our instructor's personal instruction gives each participant the maximum chance of learning to foil on the first session.  Using larger foils and slow speeds each participant gets a chance to master the basics of keeping the board "on foil".  This clinic will get more granular in the fine points of establishing a plane on foil, pitch control, roll center stabilization, and safe falling techniques. 

By the end of the lesson, participants should be ready to start learning on their own or choose to take foil downwinding or foil surfing clinic.  

$350.00/up to 2 people includes 2-hour boat usage (board, paddle, pdf, helmet)

Ottawa Foil Surfing- Foil Wing.jpeg
Wind Foiling| Dan Gavere| Urban Ocean SU

Foil Wing FUNdamentals

Learn how to harness the wind and discover an exciting new way to have fun on the water.  Learning this new sport is simple and fun. There is nothing that compares to the feeling you get while riding effortlessly across water with a foil wing.    

This is the ultimate introduction to learn the sport in a safe and easy way. Our foil master uses a progressive step by step system of teaching that is fun and guaranteed to get you up and riding quickly.

During your lesson, you will learn the basics of foil wing riding including, wing control, self-rescue, steering techniques, board handling skills, footwork, and other key techniques that are required to become proficient.  


Price:  $200.00/2 hours per person.   

Strong swimming skills and a positive attitude. 

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