SUP Sisters is a fun program that lets you try different activities on the boards. It took me a few lessons to get the hang of things, but I really enjoyed it and will be taking it again next season.

-Vanessa Gee

SUP Sisters


Women's stand up paddle program

 Created by athlete and coach, Harmony Dawn, as a way of empowering women by providing experiences that challenge you out of their comfort zones in a safe and SUPportive way.   

Harmony Dawn provides her unique perspective of the sport that has taken her around the world to teach and compete while combining the best elements of  SUP.

                                Highlights of the SUP Sister Program 


  • Fundamentals of Stand Up Paddleboarding  (SUP 101)

  • Advanced Skills & Safety (SUP 2.0 & Learn to Turn)

  • Exploring the various types of Stand Up Paddleboarding (Fitness, Tandem, Touring, Racing, and Yoga)

  • SUP Event with all the SUP Sisters Programs *This may not be during your regular class/day* 

  • Special discounts on apparel, products, and paddling.

  • SUP Sister Alumni SUPportunties

8-hour progressive program, each class will focus on a new activity to develop your SUP skills .

PREREQUISITE:  None. This program is geared for women who have little to no experience, although many have taken                                    it 2 or 3 times to progress their skills while paddling with an awesome group of women. 


EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS: We will provide all equipment (boards, paddles, leashes, PFDs).   

                                                            There is NO BYOB (Bring Your Own Board Option) for this program. 

                                                            If you have a lifejacket you love, bring it - otherwise, we have you covered.


WHAT TO BRING: Clothing for all types of weather conditions.

              Wear clothes they are comfortable getting wet in (swimsuit, shorts, etc.), sunscreen, hat, towel, and water bottle.


Location:   Ottawa West- Kanata/Nepean           

                    Rideau River- Manotick/Barhaven   

                   Mississippi River- Almonte/Carleton Place


2021- Schedule

*Adults only ( 21+)    


Add yourself to the waitlist for your desired day/time and we will do our best to get you into a program.
Have your own group of 6 or more? Contact us to create your own program.

This program started in 2013 with 6 wonderful women who opened their minds and their hearts to try something new.


By 2015 it had grown to have 4 sold-out program times Wednesdays at 9:30am, 4:00pm, 5:30pm and 7:00pm with many women repeating the program for the 2nd and 3rd time.

We've even had the pleasure of a Mother-Daughter program and Teen girls!

Each year we have grown the program we have sold out. 

2019 we added 2nd day to the lineup

2020 We added a 3rd day to the lineup and had 60+ girls & women on the water for the summer.

2021  We can't wait to meet you on the water!

           Covid-19 program changes will remain in place    

COVID-19 program changes 2020 & 2021:   
6 weeks for 1 hour 15 minutes instead of 8 weeks.   
The number of participants per group has also been reduced.
SUP Sisters Event spots are limited. 

Our 2019-2020 programs sponsored by Canadian Paddling gear company LEVEL SIX located in Ottawa.