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Urban Ocean Wing Lessons


Wing Lesson, Ottawa 

WINGING a fun new way to ride the River! 

If you are new to wind sports our lessons start out with an intro to wind riding lesson using the wing with a Stand Up Paddleboard, Skates, Skis,

or SnowBoard. 

Wing 101


In this introduction to the FUNdamentals of Wing Riding, we will cover the concepts of sailing (the wind clock), dry land basics of handling the wing, wing positioning, board skills, footwork (sailing starboard and port directions), the tach, and the basics for sailing a "reach" and staying upwind.  In the first lesson, we will use the appropriately sized wing (depending on wind speed) along with a SUP.

 Using the SUP allows you to focus on the wing handling and the best practices needed to generate speed, control the board direction, learning to gybe, and stay upwind.   During all of our wing lessons, your instructor will be within a safe distance for effective communication, live coaching, and safety. 

Pre-requisites:  strong swimmer

2 hours

$200 Private

$175  Semi-Private ( not offered 2021)

Wing Lesson Hood River, Oregon
In tro to Winging- Wing SUP
Urban Ocean Wing Lesson
Wing Lesson, Hood River, Oregon

Wing Foiling lessons.


If you are experienced with wind sports and want to get

wing foiling check out our Wing Foil  lessons

Hood River, Oregon

Wind Foiling_ Dan Gavere_ Urban Ocean SU
Urban Ocean SUP WIng Hood River.jpeg
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