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Board Repairs 

We paddle every day, damages happen, that's why we work with the best repair people.


 Dinged your board? 

Got a hole in your inflatable SUP?  

We've got a specialty board repair person for that. 

Board Repairs 

Repairs can be dropped-off & picked-up by appt. at our workshop or with our instructors at a lesson location. 
All fins should be removed (unless repair involves a fin box.)
All wax should be removed and cleaned from the area to be worked on with wide margins around the damaged area.
All tape and tape residue should be removed from the repair area. Especially duck tape glue.  (Exorbitant additional prep will incur an additional charge.  
No bags or pumps/accessories, please.  

Repair time varies.
Allow 1-2 weeks for board repairs. 

Rush Orders 1-3 days - Double Price
Prices are quoted before work begins* Please note they are estimated.

To get an quote:  Email us with a description of the issue and a picture  

Ding Repair 

 under 2”- $50 

2”- 6’’ - $60-120

6”- up - $100-150+

Nose/ Tail Damage - $75 - $100+

Leash Plug (add or repair) - $75+

Crack around Fin/Box - $75+


Extra & Specialties 

- All repairs are done in epoxy and sanded finish unless specified

- Colour matching - $50 per colour/Per Inch

(No guarantees, usually can get near the same.)


Inflatable Board Repairs 
Flat clear areas $100 and Inch
Complicated area and corners (under the foam deck pad) $200 Inch 

Seam Repairs start  $300+
Leaking valve repair $175

Valve removal and replacement $200

*Additional costs of glue removal if the repair requires removal of old patch $80+


Paddle Repairs 

Paddle recut and shorten-$75.00

Replace handle completely $100 (includes plastic or glass grip)

Carbon Handle $150



Due to the volume of repairs. Our repair people are turning down boards they feel are not worth the cost of the repair.  

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