Stand Up Paddle Lessons

Stand Up Paddle


SUP 101 FUNdamentals

Our lesson will start on land and teach you the basics of stand up paddle boarding, safety, stance and paddle techniques before we head on the water. Regardless of your experience or level of fitness, you will be standing up your very first session!  75 minute duration. 


*This class is required prior to full moon or SUP Socials with Stand Up Paddle Ottawa 

  Can't find a time on our schedule that works for you?  Contact us with your desired date & location and we will do our best to add it. 

SUP Immersion

This program starts by learning the FUNdamentals of SUP, followed by Stroke technique and Strategy. Each class will focus on a new activity to develop Stand Up Paddle boarding skills.  


5 hours once a week

or 5 hours everyday for a week

 Looking for women's only version?  Check out SUP Sisters here. 

 SUP 2.0  Advanced Skills

Looking to paddle further or turn faster? Take your paddling skills to the next level with this stroke development class focusing on strategy required to paddle in varying conditions.

Put your new skills to use at our fun community SUP Races.  

* Encouraged prior to SUP Performance 

SUP Safety

Learn important safety techniques to help you handle a stand up paddle board in different conditions.

This class includes rescue techniques to help yourself or someone else if necessary.  Strongly recommend for any SUPer! 


Race Ready   

If you've ever thought about racing or are just looking to improve your paddling skills, this is for you.  This class consists of stroke development, advanced turns, race starts, and strategy.  Put your new skills to use at our fun community SUP Races.


SUP with your Pup

Your dog doesn't want to stay home while you have all the fun. Bring them along!  Our SUP PUP ambassador is happy to show you the way.  

*Pet PFD required- please contact us if you do not have one. We have a few available.

Community Paddles 
Designed to get paddle enthusiasts of all crafts together for some fun on the water. While no formal instruction is given, the social is a guided paddle with the peace of mind of having an experienced paddler with you.
Prior experience is required ( SUP 101 or your own equipment).

$35 with our board or kayak

$20 if you have your own



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