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BYOB- Bring your own Board (and the rest of the required equipment)

Inflate your skills ( inflatable board owners)   Solid Skills ( plastic, epoxy, carbon board owners).

to learn the basic technique, as well as, meet other new board owners to paddle with.

Already know how to use your board?  SUP Enthusiast is for ALL board owners who want to reinforce the basics and take their skills to the next level.  


Are you an Intermediate Paddler wanting to paddle further, learn about new locations and increase your skills in wind and waves?

SUP Explorer group will take you to different locations within the city starting July 6th.  On the Ottawa River

Advanced Paddlers

Training for your next race or just want to get your heart rate up?

Check out the SUP Performance program HERE which include BYOB options.

  • Bought a board but unsure of how to use it?

  • Paddling on your knees because you can't stand up? 

  • Standing up and falling in a lot?

  •  Not able to get back on your board when you fall in?

  • Fairly certain you know what you are doing but would like some feedback?


If any of these sounds like you- sign up for our BYOB version of SUP 101 catered specifically to you and the board you bought. 

Choose from either: 

Urban Ocean SUP BYOB Skils

Intermediate/ Advanced Board Owners

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