Partner Locations

These amazing places provide a home to Urban Ocean Ottawa.

Ottawa Rowing Club
Dovercourt Recreation Centre
 Grateful for the SUPport of friends.
Dr. Natasha Ballen paddling Psychologist on SUP for the soul.   
Trojan Bookkeeping  making sure our paddling paperwork is up to date. 

Surfside-These guys have been with me since the beginning in Ottawa. 

Literally before anyone else came on board Surfside believed in me. 

They bought the board brand I was riding in to their shop, they have done countless board repairs with full colour match paint jobs and partnered on many charity paddles I hosted in the city. 

They are my go to shop for my Snowboard, Surfboard and Skateboard fun and they are giving you 15% OFF Soft goods when you mention Urban Ocean IN STORE Only until December 31. 

Big Rig Restaurant A girls got to eat!  When I'm alone, it's my go to place, a seat at their bar or a pizza to go.

It's where my friends and family meet up for dinner and the only place I call when I need catering for a group.  That's not all!  They have been the sponsor of my Paddle Performance training, ensuring our racers are rewarded for their efforts with a Big Rig Craft Brew! 

  BIG RIG IRIS location will give you 15%OFF your food bill when you mention Urban Ocean to your server through December 30th, 2019

Level Six- My first Canadian sponsor. They believed in me before I had ever worn neoprene!

Their encouragement led me to whitewater paddling not to mention they introduced me to  Whitewater SUP Pioneer, Dan Gavere, also known by my Ottawa Team as Mr. Urban Ocean!

As SUP Sisters program sponsor they've helped the Ottawa ladies get on the water when the temperatures are less than tropical!

Order from their site before December 31st, 2019 and save 15% with code :URBANOCEAN15

ACTIVE- If you were around in 2013 then you know all about my ride with the air marshal to the hospital.  The fact that hospitals have an infection disease unit should be enough to say it's a serious thing! 

So when I met the  it was only minutes before I discovered this is a MUST Have for my often scraped up legs.  Not only do I travel everywhere with it, it's in all of the business first aid kits. 

Get some for yourself for 15% OFF Until December 30th, 2019 using use code: ACTIVEURBANOCEAN15


Croakies -I have my sun glasses on more than I don't. 

So when I met the crew at Croakies I was excited to discover their eyewear retainers to keep my glasses in place through all my activities. I haven't lost my glasses or my keys to a watery grave since I started using their floating products.  They've sponsored a number of our classes over the years and I am excited to share that I have a custom Croakie that everyone in a SUP Immersion program will be getting in June! 

Shop their site until December 31st, 2019 and save 40% off with code: hdawn_fnf

Take 15%OFF Liquido Leggings with code: URBANOCEAN15

Take 40% OFF Jonathan Paul Fitovers with code: hdawn_fnf

Take 40% OFF Leader Swim with code: hdawn_fnf

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