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Extend your season

There ’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.

Cold Water is defined as anything under 15 degrees.  


Wear appropriate apparel.  Dress for Submersion:  Wetsuit/Drysuit, booties, gloves, and a hat.  


Check your equipment to make sure everything is in good working order.


Check the Weather and Wind forecast.  Be aware. 


Have a safe, clear path to the water.  Don't cross ice.  No ice is safe ice when it comes to paddling!


 Have a plan - let someone on land know where you are leaving from, when you are leaving, what direction you're heading, and when you plan to be back. 

 When you get back, check in with them to let them know you're OK.


Paddle with a Partner.  There is strength in numbers.

Take your phone or other communication device.

Wear your PFD (preferably full flotation) and your leash. 

Carry a light and whistle.  

Know your limits.  When in doubt don't go out. 

 Paddle close to shore - there are no boats out there to assist in an emergency.  The closer you are to land the quicker you can get out of the water.


 Stick to the basics.  Save the new tricks for summer. 

If the water goes from clear to slushy - turn around.  Y


Be able to self rescue if you fall in, even better, know how to rescue someone who has become incapacitated. 

Know CPR and basic first aid.  You could save a life.

Winter SUP Drytop and pants Ottawa, Canada
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Ottawa, Ontario 

Carleton Place, Ontario

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