We've got a class for all that and more!  
Inflate your skills (for inflatable board owners)
Solid skills (for hard board owners) 
we will teach you how to safely and successfully paddle your board.   
Sign up for the class time that works for you. 
$35  Schedule HERE
Already know how to use your board but looking to progress your skills take a look at SUP 2.0 or SUP Immersion these and many other classes offer the option to BYOB (Bring your Own board) instead of using ours. 
Bought a board but unsure of how to use it?
Don't know how long your paddle is supposed to be or which way it goes?
Paddling on your knees because you can't stand up? 
Standing up but falling in a lot? 
Not able to get back on your board when you fall in? 
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